1. Zehra Ahsan

When 1 = 3.5 : Multiplying Traffic with Google +1 

Coming from the good folks at Hubspot, is a survey of over 5000 businesses and the difference in traffic to a website using Google’s +1 button, and those that are not. The conclusion? Websites that use the +1 button generate about 3.5 times the traffic as websites that forgo it. 

Much like other social sharing options such as twitter, facebook, stumbleupon and digg, the +1 button gives users the opportunity to recommend sites to connections and to the web populace in general. The +1 button is arguably more effective because the implementation simple and the execution is effortless. Where a tweet or a facebook post on a business may take more than one step, a user can simply click the +1 button and be done. Visitors also, are able to assess and utilize the information much more efficiently. Instead of reading through a sometimes lengthy post about a product, business or service, consumers can quickly take stock of how many +1’s a link generates, and can decide to follow through based on that indicator. 

Think of +1 as a professional reference for websites. It allows users to vouch for the quality, relevance and legitimacy of a website. This reference is even more valuable coming from contacts within your own social circle, and having that referral from a prospective client’s own connections is a powerful advantage for businesses. 

(Source: blog.hubspot.com)